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Protect your servers from raids, trolls and bad actors with ease – Server Guard has numerous features for moderating your server, such as our verification system.

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Frictionless New User Verification
New users are required to verify through our verification system which offers a frictionless experience. Our checkpoint system will deter bots and prevent alts, while allowing legitimate users entry to your server!
Automated Raid Protection
Automated accounts will not be able to pass our verification site, while allowing legitimate users in to enjoy your server! If we detect a suspected raid, our system will activate stricter checkpoints.
Detailed User Information
Server Guard notifies you of exactly who is verifying, giving you a score of a user based on various factors, including their social connections. We will even alert you if they are using a VPN!
Automatic Chat Moderation
Our automated chat filters can greatly assist server moderators by preventing toxicity, hate-speech, invite links, and more automatically without moderator intervention! Rest assured, our filters rarely have false positives!
Banning, Mutes & Warnings
Our bot offers the capability to temporarily ban users, mute them permanently or temporarily, and issue warnings to users that can be temporary and viewed by moderators, making moderation easier for your moderators!
...And More To Come
We are always actively on the lookout for new features to implement that would assist in moderation! Be sure to join our support server so you can get help with using the bot and submit feature requests or bug reports!
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